About Kamla

Kamla Ravikumar was born and raised in Bombay (Mumbai). She is qualified in art and interior design.
As an Interior designer she has designed and decorated residential and commercial spaces in Chennai for the last fifteen years.

Her recent paintings are based on the theme of Yoga where she has done paintings and sculptures to highlight Yoga Asanas and Yoga Mudras.
She has done portaits of several people in watercolours.

Kamla's love for colour, fascination with the properties of glass and a passion for learning led her to discover a new craft.She started making Tiffany lamps,Mirrors,stained glass panels and doorway arches which are housed in residences in Chennai and New Delhi.

Art enthusiasts in Chennai are familiar with Kamla's creativity. She has had several exhibitions of her paintings and sculpture. Many of her works are with several private collectors.

She also manages Studio 41, where she teaches art and crafts to women, children and conducts preparatory workshops for students planning to pursue undergraduate studies in art or visual communication,Architecture Entrance (NATA), and NID entrance. She encourages children by holding an exhibition of their works annually.

At Studio 41 she teaches drawing, painting, pottery, Tanjore glass painting,stained glass painting, fabric painting, and folk arts.

Visit her website:www.studio41art.blogspot.com, for more info about her classes.

Contact by email: kayarkay@gmail.com